web Authentication System
QR코드로 정품을 신속정확하게 인증하세요.
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How it works
  • Download JJ app

    Download the JJ App from iOS or Android App Store

  • Scan the QR code

    Simply focus your smartphone on the QR code and
    press the "scan" button

  • Certification download

    If an authentic match is found in our database,
    a certificate will be available for download

정품인증이 쉬워집니다.

Using QR code technology, our customers can verify the authenticity of thousands of products before purchase. Once the JJ Authentication App is downloaded, customers can scan the barcodes on products and instantly receive verification of the authenticity of that product. Within a few seconds, customers can be sure that the products are genuine. Not only does our software take away the risk of purchasing counterfeit goods, it also works instantly and never sacrifices the privacy of our customers' personal information.